Non-duality Paradigm?

I mean you really can't question it. Any argument will be reduced to:"just a thought" or "everything is imagination" or "you are a materialist"or "you are thinking too much and over analyzing" or "who's asking?". Of course we are separating here the actual practice of non-dualityfrom the ideas about it. Please, don't get me wrong here, I'm … Continue reading Non-duality Paradigm?


The Best Tools for Spiritual Growth

Meditation is the foundation for any of these tools, so it's the ultimate no. 1 tool. As soon as you get good enough with meditation, you can expand your expertise with these tools: Emotional masterySelf inquiryEmbodiment of high consciousness principlesGratitude, positivity and compassionContemplation/EpistemologySpiritual purificationShadow workWorking on destructive patterns of behaviorUnderstanding relationshipsLife purposeHealthy and clean lifestyleFriendship … Continue reading The Best Tools for Spiritual Growth

Amazing Hidden Gems – Resources from Unexpected Places It's a series of inspiring and deeply wise lectures that are mixed with gorgeous music. Anne with an EAn inspiring high-consciousness tv show (based on a novel). You can learn healthy vMeme Green values and enjoy a heartwarming show.

The Red Pill – Not What You Think

The red pill is a community of people, who realized the inherent limitations of the naive romanticism (Video below) of Stage Green, and they are gradually evolving through deep understanding and integrating the female realistic perspective, thus learn to form healthy long lasting relationships, based on abundance instead of neediness. Yes, the majority of … Continue reading The Red Pill – Not What You Think

Healthy Ego

Unconditional self-compassion, deeply integrated, self-transcended, high self esteem, authentic, independent from results or thoughts of others. Values his own opinion of himself above all else - That is confidence. It protects without effort, anger, or getting over protective, transparent and bulletproof. A flexible mask that easily changes to fit any situation. True authenticity is pure infinite flexibility … Continue reading Healthy Ego

The Secret Hidden Zen Teaching for Instant Realization

If you clicked it means you still don't get it. There's no secret! No special treat or hidden message. You are it, so stop thinking you need to find some hidden secret to "become" enlightened. Consider yourself trolled, but for a good purpose  I'm not innocent either, I also look for outer solutions sometimes, thinking this … Continue reading The Secret Hidden Zen Teaching for Instant Realization