Existence Explained

Prepare for adventure…

This is a radical shift from regular perception, so just for the sake of this experiment, we will try to open our mind as much as we can. There will be some paradoxical notions, which will appear contradictory at times, and yet, they are the best way to point at something that you can’t really describe.

“You can’t peg a nail into the sky.”

Old zen quote

Imagine with me a world which is completely blank, even from an observer, we then shall draw every aspect of “reality” from scratch.

Let’s begin with a clean slate, and gently put all our notions about reality aside for a moment. When the experiment is over, you may take them all back, that is, if you would still consider them valid.

It’s all metaphors that should point to direct experience, so don’t take anything literally here. Try to see where the sign points, and don’t try to over analyze the sign itself.

First let’s look at direct experience as it is, and see what’s prior to everything. Let us go deep and extensive to get to bottom of this. It will get a bit lengthy, so try reading it when you are focused and alert, it will be conducive to your self inquiry, to help tune you in.

Your part in the story will be “void”, you are an inseparable part of the whole, a silent witness which is both the experience and the experiencer, but bear with me, we will get there in a moment.

Up until now perhaps, you’d never wondered whether you could really trust what thoughts are telling you. The automatic thought that comes up is: “This is real, I am real.”, “I experience this”, but really, how can you verify this?

There is an alternative instrument to perceive reality more accurately – Pure awareness of what is, which is prior to thought.

From time to time, try to look at your experience directly, and check if what you read is accurate to actuality. Try to be very honest about what you experience, and really cut through what the mind is telling you.

The nature of void


Anything you assume “The Void” is – it’s not! So don’t form an object out of nothing. Don’t objectify the void.

There’s nothing at all, no one, nothing, to see, or to hear, no “aware entity” that’s witnessing “the show”, just void that’s aware of itself. In a strange loop fashion it continuously feeds back into itself, and so it can know itself.

The void has these “channels of perception”: mind, sensations, hearing, sight, smell and taste. Even to call them “senses” already ruins what they truly are. The senses aren’t a separate feature of void, they are void! You could say that there are only senses, without an experiencer and without anything being sensed at all “outside” of the senses.

Also they aren’t located anywhere, neither in space, nor in time, you might say they are omnipresent and eternal. Any sense of “hereness” is yet another sensation, “out there” is also a sensation, and not a fact. The senses sense nothing but themselves.

Through these ineffable marvels it can be directly aware of itself. What the senses perceive one can’t really describe, because they are pure magic, no words can ever tell the glory of the purely experienced void.

It can only be “seen” when the mind is completely still, all the “senses” are feeding into themselves, without any interruption, there’s peace, the “body” is completely relaxed, there are no interpretations. All borders melt away, object and subject become one, the “body and the world” duality collapses and the void is merging back with it’s infinite self.

Whether this is seen or not, the void is ever present, it may not be lost, there can’t be be less or more of it. It’s not an achievement to be proud of, nor a trophy to attain. A person who realised this is not special or magical, it’s simply the nature of everything.

There’s just presence, and no such thing as non-presence. Just try and remember or look for non-presence right now. Can you find any? If you find anything at all it’s present. There’s no outside other than imagined “outside”. Void transcends “inside and outside”.

It’s neither an object, nor subject, idea, experience, true, false, real, imaginary, thought, dual, non-dual, infinity, finity, magic, matter, spirit, existence, non-existence, being, non-being, buddha, god, devil, void.

Anything you can imagine it to be, it is not.

The void is not the void.

These are the appearances

Nothing is outside the void, and nothing is other than void. Everything is made out of it, yet it can transform itself into seeming “objects” at will, but these are just hollow figures without substance, they can’t do anything.

A castle in the sand is truly a castle from one perspective, but really it’s just a pile of sand with a certain form, which may be recognized as “castle”. This is not to imply that objects are not important. For a child the castle he built is very important, and it brings joy into his life, and when the bully crashes it, he’s sad.

It’s emptiness is infinite potential, and it’s allowing the manifestation of appearances, which are made entirely out of void, and are not separate from it in any way.

Emptiness is unmanifested void, “objects” are manifested void.

When many “objects” are manifested, and “interconnected”, reality is formed.

Reality is the dream of the unawakened void. Inside the dream, many things might appear to “happen”, but it’s only due to the dream state, or Maya.

While you are dreaming, many things appear to happen to you, but really you just lie there sleeping. Only when you wake up, you realise it was all a dream.

Maya is so vast that it contains whole galaxies, realities, lives, space and time. Don’t get tricked by the amazing titles! They are nothing but manifestation of the void itself, theses appearances can interact with each other inside the dream, yet they can’t affect the void. They are like pictures on a screen, and so they can’t touch or hurt the screen, except there’s no screen!

It’s beyond any category, and so it’s neither big, nor small, it’s both and neither, since it’s contains all there is. It’s paradoxical, so logic can’t grasp it. To try “understand” the void with a brain, is like a cucumber’s attempt to understand the gardener’s actions.

Strictly speaking one can’t even say: “There are appearances”, because saying that had already implied “aren’t”. And so it’s beyond being and non being. It’s neither is, nor isn’t.

There’s also an appearance of a “brain” – an aspect of void which can record the senses, and glue words that describe them according to its rational ability.

The “brain” can create long stories, and then to attach them artificially to direct experience. It does so to the point where the stories take the attention of the senses away from the void, and into fantasy land.

It has replaced the live feed with fake reruns of the show. The darker the light of consciousness is, the deeper the brain will pull the void into fantasy, and so it falls asleep, and forgets that it was playing with appearances.

We live in a dark age, where low-consciousness rules earth, The void is born into a scary new world as an infant, pure and innocent, it’s not receiving any light, and so darkness prevails. In the darkness the creatures of the night come, the demons of desire, arrogance and fear are not separate from void, nor from outside, remember, there’s nothing but void.

The void now believes that the appearances are real. One appearance is especially sticky: “The Mighty Ego”. Out of deluded fear, the void is attaching it’s infinite identity to this little finite idea, and plays a “character” inside the dream of “reality” of low-consciousness.

And so attachment is the cause of all the seeming trouble. Fear = attachment. Attachment sucks the void into drama, and gets it fully involved in the story, it’s attached to “body, identity, property, thoughts, people, groups, life” – All these appearances are now referred to as “My reality”.

The nature of Darkness

“What is ‘darkness’?” you might ask. It is the void’s unawakened side, many times it’s referred to as the “Devil”, and on the opposite side there is the light side of “God”, yet the void transcends and includes such categories, which are only present in the brain.

All these seeming “actions” that I describe are automatic, and there’s no actual “doer” who’s creating them, no one to be angry at, or to blame, it’s just the way the void is, it’s nature is both the good and bad, but these judgments of brain are only present in low consciousness.

Don’t blame the brain for doing it’s job, this is the best it can do, because on the one hand, it’s a primitive survival machine, but on the other, in rare cases, it holds the power to tune in, by becoming transparent, and “see” the true nature of void. (It’s not an experience so you can’t really see it.)

The void’s mission

The void isn’t perfect as we know “perfect”, it has started from complete darkness, and it is now gaining light through a process of awakening. It’s manifestations are evolving and transforming darkness into the light of love.

The void is exploring itself through its many manifestations, which then return to it, to be born again, and start a new better journey, to better love, until they wake up again, and merge with their source. It’s in a constant battle against the inner darkness, and so it must stay vigilant to keep the light from fading – This is the dramatic aspect of reality.

The nature of thought, and how to avoid delusion

Talking about the void can be highly confusing and dangerous, because in that instance, the low-consciousness mind will invent a concept about the void, and pretend it “knows” it.

What we are trying to do here is to use thought to describe itself, and later to cancel itself.

“To use a thorn, to take out another thorn.”

R. Maharishi

Whilst having a partial perspective, divisions are created inside the seamless void, and so it innocently believes the borders and categories are “real”. This is the great Maya!

To protect yourself from delusion, get really good at experiencing directly and seeing thoughts for what they are. Thoughts are a real manifestation of void, and they spontaneously emerge from it.

Thoughts existentially are files of stored data that may contain: Visuals, Sounds, Texts and Sensations, all from past recordings. While they themselves are a real phenomenon, which can actually be sensed if one is very quiet, the content in them is not valid – The stories carried inside are deluded and twisted, which is creating misery and not allowing you to see the truth.

How can a thought story become real?

The creation of “reality” occurs when meaningless thoughts floating in the void are glued together into a story, then out of low consciousness, the imaginary story is believed to be true. It’s glue is “logic”, “rationality” and advanced ethereal terms. (which are all thoughts too.)

For example:

“I did this”


Subject Thought + Action Thought + Object Thought


Reality Thought

Thoughts making more thoughts. Reality is nothing but endless circular thoughts pointing at themselves.

In fact only when logic is applied to stick the story together, reality “occurs”. But in fact all that happened, are three thoughts arose, one after another, no action, no doer, no object were present, just noises in the vast void, completely meaningless.

The real problem is that one believes that thoughts can relate, or affect one another. This is the sneaky nature of thought, which is allowing for all of reality to “exist”. How could thoughts affect one another, if they are just noises floating in an empty vacuum?

The “laws” of logic suggest that “subjects” can do “actions” upon “objects”, but who said that was true? Why can’t action be made on it’s own, without a subject? What if object, subject, and action were all one undivided phenomenon, and only appeared as if they were separate.

And so “ego” is simply a thought that was entangled in the “mind”, “body” and “sensations”. The thought “I” is no different than the thought “coffee table”, except it was attached to the “body” and the sensations, out of fear.

Who’s afraid you ask? Who told you there has to be someone to have fear? Fear is another floating sensation in the void. It’s a product of low consciousness, an aspect of darkness. It occurs when the void has bought the story of “being a real entity” completely to the point where it believes it can die. This is how a low-self is being artificially created out of nothing. Now it fears death and other things that may “harm” the false self.

An “ego” can’t be afraid because it’s a thought! In fact fear was prior to ego, it was the cause of its creation.

Don’t underestimate the power of thought in the process of creating reality, it is a most powerful device capable of bending “reality” as one knows it. Combine it with the dark aspects of void, and you get a negativity generator that will make one’s life hell. Being clever one could use it positively, and form heaven. This superpower is in your hands right now! Use it wisely.

You are it, you are void, and all the appearances in it. Your job is to love all of it, including darkness! Because that’s what gonna heal you, so you could finally return to yourself and unite into your infinite nature.

Meta Extension

“So what should I do with this information?”

If you actually read the text, you might notice the meta-paradox and also the solution to the problem.

All the material in the text is a thought story. It’s now a file in you neural brain net, so it’s absolutely useless to you as a story (Other than simple entertainment), unless you can use it to jump out into direct experience. It’s a code that’s meant to delete the virus of delusion, which are wrong basic assumptions made by the low-consciousness brain, after it had been applied, it won’t be needed anymore.

Just look right now. See what is there but void? Unless your mind is chattering there’s just a sensual feed channel, and what can you say about it? It’s just is. This is it! There’s no special surprise, no cool light that’s gonna shine from heaven.

You can never find anything outside this moment. All else is but a faint memory of it, which slowly fades into nothing.

Let go of the old files, you don’t need anything at all to be present and aware. All stories are but a faint candle light compared to what’s right in front of you.

There’s just void and floating stories, attach meaning to the stories, and you will go to sleep, let go of attachment to meaning, and wake up. Embrace not knowing and confusion, you don’t know anything at all, like an infant that was just born, you are amazed by the cool lights.

Nothing is hidden.

We focus on transcending attachment to rationality and labeling, which only disturb the beauty of manifestation. Rationality and labeling are beautiful and useful, only if one can be free of attachment to them.

The big confusion, and an entirely wrong assumption, is talking about non-dual material without studying it thoroughly, and trying to apply it to objective existence.

Thinking that: “If nothing is concrete, it’s of no importance, so there’s no point in doing anything at all.” is dogma, ignorance and nihilism.

Reality is so meaningless, it’s infinitely meaningful! It’s so meaningful, you will fall on your knees and cry out of joy when you see it. But first, you need to wake up, and stop making assumptions based on “spiritual” stories.

So in essence the way reality is “explained”, is through pure not knowing. Letting go of the need to understand paradoxically results in the best understanding.

TLDR – There’s nothing but void and appearances


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