Demonic Vision – Insights and Lessons

I’d like to share with you insights from my vision last night. I went out with my friends to celebrate in a bar. It was amazing to see how differently I perceive bars now, after years of not even entering one. It’s all so clearly low-conscious and nauseating. I myself have a weakness for alcohol, and so I drank with them, cause it’s difficult for me to resist, when in a group. From then on the spiral down began. Unhealthy food and tiredness from a day of work had added their toll.

We all sat in a friend’s apartment late at night, and all of the sudden it began, I saw the veil of denial drop, and it became so clear that I’m in a demon’s nest. It is incredibly difficult to fathom, and see that my “friends” and me, are creatures from below. I got so scared I just ran home, and the vision kept getting darker and darker, I was paranoid and all cold, and I was shocked at how much poison I’ve put into my body.

It was 4 degrees celsius outside, but to me it felt like minus 50. The road home was 5 minutes away, but to me it seemed endless and I barely dragged my legs towards home, thinking that something’s gonna go wrong any second.

The lesson is that groups of unconscious people are a very strong trap, lurring you with concepts such as “friendship”, you feel weird to resist being a part. All the things Leo talked about in his cult mini series are becoming obvious when seen from this perspective.

Demons operate well within groups, or nests, similar to vampires as they are depicted in lores. They operate covertly due to the brain’s incredible denial ability. To the demon, it seems as if he was an angel, and all his friends are angels. This veil can be removed by a temporary increase in consciousness.

The top demon is a charismatic beautiful person, and under the vail, it would never even come to your mind to think he’s the leader. He’s humble and quiet, and acts innocently to amuse all, and so everyone fall in love with him – which only reduces suspicion. In fact, even He himself doesn’t know that he’s the leader!

The scary part is – that you cannot talk to a demon about his actions, without getting a strong resistance and him thinking you are crazy, because he doesn’t see it at all! You just have to behave quietly as if you don’t know, and keep things as normal as possible. Just try to avoid contact as much as you can.

A shadow is literally that, you don’t see it, even if you think you do, it’s completely hidden in plain sight.


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