The Red Pill – Not What You Think

The red pill is a community of people, who realized the inherent limitations of the naive romanticism (Video below) of Stage Green, and they are gradually evolving through deep understanding and integrating the female realistic perspective, thus learn to form healthy long lasting relationships, based on abundance instead of neediness.

Yes, the majority of the content you will see in forums is by low stage incels, who think that being a misogynistic macho is red pill, but it’s far from truth – Pure red pill theory is mind blowingly accurate and healthy for men. So I don’t actually suggest to go to the forums, unless you are already pretty developed and are able to withstand ideology and see through the low consciousness stuff.

Yes they are wrong about many things, but they are very right about other things. Don’t let one bad apple ruin your opinion about the whole basket.

Don’t judge the whole by the majority.

Please don’t miss this nugget, especially if you struggle with toxic relationships and are angry at women.

Anger = Ignorance

To understand what real Red Pill material looks like, please check out this amazing blog!

Check out The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, an amazing book of pure level turquoise Red Pill material. Profound life transforming material.

Also, please check out The Red Pill movie, it’s a documentary of a very compassionate feminist who is interviewing men who were hurt by society. (Surprisingly enough the red pill community isn’t mentioned at all.)


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