The Meta Lesson in Being a Seeker

“Anybody who tells you that he has some way of leading you to spiritual enlightenment is like somebody who picks your pocket and sells you your own watch.” 

Alan Watts

Before one hears about such thing as “enlightenment” he’s just living his life suffering not thinking about it too much.

But then one day, he accidentally stumbles upon a cool idea – the neat promises, the nice title of being an “Enlightened person”, maybe even the idea he’s gonna be a guru one day.

None of these ideas were derived from his own experience, he just blindly bought these beliefs and went on a journey to nowhere, to find nothing at all. It’s even written: “The truth is hidden behind all things, you just can’t see it. The ‘magic of existence’.” What a total sham!

Only after many years, if he’s even that lucky, he will realize the nature of the hoax, and that he isn’t really gonna gain anything, there’s nothing to be found out, except that he was an ignorant fool, who fell into an obvious trap.

This is a hard but necessary lesson about blind faith, and believing marketing and false promises, but if one falls for this, he probably deserved it. That’s the downside, but there’s also an upside!

Now he can see through beliefs easily, he can quiet his mind, be at peace, concentrate better, be a good leader and actually remove suffering. So even though there wasn’t anything special at the end of the rainbow, the process made him a better, more masterful person, and that alone is worth it. That is the secret trick to make someone go on a journey of self improvement.

Thus, Spirituality is the most ancient form of personal development.


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