Quick Insight Nuggets

True “progress” is letting go of it.

A feeling is not a fact.

There are no absolute facts.

True authenticity is infinite flexibility. It’s not a finite idea of a character.

The reason for emptiness is lack of love, the cure is abundance of love.

Thoughts making more thoughts. Reality is nothing but endless circular thoughts pointing at themselves.

Brain is the manifested intelligence, it’s function is to create an individual aspect of being to form diversity for consciousness to play within.

Your destiny – love it completely, or change it.

If you think there’s a secret to find,
You should look for it.
If you think you’re a seeker,
Keep seeking.
If you think you are enlightened,
Keep seeking harder.
If you don’t think anything,
You are getting close.
If you have peace,
Do nothing.
If you are god,
Your have arrived, haven’t you?

You can’t save anyone if they don’t want to be saved.

If you think anyone needs to be saved, it’s you who needs to be saved from yourself.

A shadow is literally that, you don’t see it, even if you think you do, it’s completely hidden in plain sight.

Don’t judge the whole by the majority.

As long as you feel desire to be selfish, be selfish, when you are so disgusted by your own selfishness, be selfless.

God is a scientist and life is his experiment. Even a failed experiment is a success, in knowing one thing that doesn’t work, going on to the next. A good scientist can’t be attached to success.

True humility is the full embodiment of nothingness.

God created life as an automatic swiss clock and left it to keep operating without further intervention. Infinte possibilities are already included and thought for. There’s nothing left but to enjoy the splendid show.

Total freedom is chaos.

Remember it always seems as though you’ve reached the maximum until you’ve gone further.

In other words, the Absolute is whatever you want it to be, because you created it.

Subjectively speaking there’s no such thing as “Subjectivity”, only Objectivity. Subjectivity IS Objectivity, these are two sides of the same coin, and they play with each other in a strange loop fashion:
You can say that there’s subjectivity within objectivity, but all that is within subjectivity, hence the objective is within the subjective, but so is the subjective within the objective and so on.

Both the objective and subjective cancel themselves out trough Truth, and what you get is pure being, even the thought: “There might be something outside of the subjective experience.” is pure imagination.

If happiness is indeed what you desire, you shouldn’t make it a goal. It’s a paradox, to be happy let go of the need for happiness.

Ignorance: To not know that you don’t know. The deeper you go the more you realize how much exactly you don’t know, it’s scary. In fact you don’t know anything at all, to know anything about reality is completely useless. (Besides of course the address of your grocery shop.)

Consuming ideas without an epistemic foundation is like opening the medicine cabinet and eating a bunch of pills without reading the labels.


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