Prayer: A Powerful Tool of The Sage!

Prayer and the idea of “talking to a hidden entity in the clouds” have scared the rational mind, and so it was dismissed entirely as something that’s not even worth checking.

Let me tell you right now, that if you hadn’t learned to pray by now, you are missing so much. Prayer is is the part in spirituality which deals with emotion. If you’ve studied modern perspectives of spirituality long enough, you’d seen that there’s no much reference or a sense of importance to emotion. “Just a passing sensation.”

The deep pain and loneliness one feels are a lack of god. By finding a loving a god, one can heal his emotion and experience happiness.

Actually a person’s need for serenity is the need for god. A human is looking for serenity in many things since his birth, but he’s actually looking for god, without even knowing.

The real problem here is a misconception of the idea of god. God = Void = The ground of being = The Universe = You

Maybe you have heard that in the past, but you’ve never thought that “talking to god” is even a possibility. You have judged this action as dogmatic, or “Something those deluded religious people are doing.” and so you’d missed an important aspect of nature and mind.

You’ve closed you mind to a powerful tool that might help you tremendously in coping with life and bring your spirituality to the next level.

You always hear the words “Surrender and Let go”, but you were never told to whom you should surrender, or who is going to take the wheel when you let go. So let me tell you, you surrender to god’s will, and god will take it from here. This is what’s called a “Leap of faith.”.

In fact your personal will has no power here, only God’s will is present, your little resistance or what you call “control”, is only a disturbance of god’s will.

This is the ancient way of explaining “No Self”, and it allows you, through a very practical process of learning, to gradually embody this very principle in your life.

You decide to surrender you will to god, because you can’t actually do this. You may humbly ask god for help in doing this.

You can ask god for help in dealing with emotional problems, and ask for guidance. Believe it or not, but you will get help! It’s quite shocking to discover such a simple, yet powerful tool. Also you might ask for help in removing character defects. All it takes is you willingness, and to help god help you.

Meditation is said to be the second part of prayer, So in praying you ask to know god’s will, and in meditating you attempt to “hear” god’s will.

One could say that the modern version of prayer is Positive Thinking, and I think you can see why. Having a positive prayer is nothing but a positive thought that’s bringing peace to your life.

One could say that “god” is the unconscious mind that’s hearing your words and is trying to assist you, and so prayer is the ability to work with both the conscious and the unconscious parts of your mind.

I’ve learned this in my groups, and you are most welcome to try. It’s the most simple act there is. Just talk and ask, someone is listening!


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