An Addition Suggestion to Spiral Dynamics

I would like to add another layer of detail and complexity to this model. I can’t help but observe how some people are just born into their level on the spiral. I think it has something to do with physical evolution. The hypothesis is that not all people are equally evolved, and are therefore locked into a limited array of stages.

I can see it very clearly that stage Orange people are more “carnivore”, even their physicality resembles that of a predator, the cold eyes, the pure interest in nothing beyond material success. When I see one I feel stressed, I could never imagine such a being “magically” transform into Green, not in a million years. Imagine trump doing Yoga or learning Buddhism and you’ll see what I mean. They are obviously from the “warrior” cast.

While on the other hand I see stage Green people and their physicality resembles that of a herbivore. Round face, bigger eyes, different face structure all together. They are peaceful, friendly, open and emotional. One could never picture them as the money hungry wolves from Orange.

This means that you can’t jump from stage to stage as easily and effortlessly, and it could take generations for a stage transformation. You are born with a stage specific hardware, and it’s limited by the stage of physical evolution you’ve reached through the generations and the hereditary ancestral line. So you could be born with a Yellow capable hardware, but have a Blue software installed, in that specific case, you will quickly evolve your software up to yellow as you grow up, given the right circumstances.


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