The Dangers Of A Spiritual Rationality

It’s quite dangerous when the rational mind gets hold of “spiritual facts” without actually experiencing them, and is trying to fit them onto a logical framework in order to have strategic action steps.

The problem is that spiritual facts are beyond rationality and cannot be understood simply by grasping with the mind. And thus the rationality will twist them to fit into a little box and they will lose their true essence.

They’ve now been turned into moral codes and 1,2,3 rules of action without an authentic inspiration.

Actually an active ego will use them as an excuse for egoic actions.

That’s how religions were turned into fanaticism.

An example of this phenomenon is trying to rationalise anger away by saying “You shouldn’t be mad at illusion!”
This is basically a failure to accept and love the angry side inside you, which is the only thing that will transmute it to love.

Or saying that you shouldn’t be jealous because of it’s all illusion and you can’t gain anything. It’s okay to feel feelings. There are no wrong feelings. Allow yourself to feel, or you will suffer inner conflict and resistance.

Thinking the world is illusion is delusion. Because there’s no outside witness that is real. You are part of the same illusion until you’ve woken up from it.


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