Sneaky Thoughts

My friend and I have been inquiring live, and thanks to his clever input I had some profound insight into the sneaky nature of thought. I think it deserves it’s own thread.

The thing is, there are especially sneaky “glue” thoughts that seem almost invisible to the rational process, yet they play a major role in deluding one’s mind to “know” things it doesn’t actually know.

These are some examples:










Sentence example:

“Are thoughts separate from awareness?” – notice how the thought just added itself without you noticing and introduced separation where there is none?

“It appears as if you conclude things but I don’t see how you reach the conclusion.”

“Thought can not imply. Nor is it any kind of movement. All thought is your illusion, just like any identification, process, or resistance.”

“Thought can’t identify, nor can thought love”

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