How to Transfer Wisdom?

It’s so obvious, yet nobody talks about it. Have you ever noticed that the most talked about spiritual teachers, are also very charismatic?

The way that wisdom is transferred is highly affected by how the person is perceived in the eyes of the reciever. And the fact that the teacher is respected, and seen as an authority is the major part of the process of delivering wisdom. Which means shockingly that the quality of wisdom is a secondary factor!

That is because we subconsciously determine if the person in front of us is a leader or a follower. When our brain perceives the teacher as a true leader, we easily accept his thoughts as reality. In other words “reality” in a tribe is dictated by the leader, and the rest of the tribe either accepts the new reality, or they get kicked out of the tribe.

That’s why quotes always come with the name of the person, because if I quoted even the smartest scientist and told you: “My friend Johnny said so.”, you would laugh hysterically. For the same reason religions focus on the charismatic character which said it all, the “prophet”.

The thing is we percieve many ideas as authority, even god (in the biblical sense) is a strong male who dictates rules, it’s done to fool people’s instinctual perception and makes it easier to control them with the ideas. Also such ideas as “society” are perceived as authority, and it makes people behave socially, in fear of being rejected by the imagined authority figure, which society represents.

Yet wisdom is still useful. And it does produce results in the end. Don’t let this discourage you. It must be so because that is the systematic method of making sure wisdom is being transferred on, to bring order and peace. This also shows the importance of being a good leader, because your realtionship with the people around you affects your ability to help them. Your top most wisdom will fail miserably if you are not perceived as an authority in their eyes.


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