Advice for the New Seeker

My ego is still resisting. Any advice?

No worry, it’s just doing its job. Also it can’t really do anything since it’s a thought – an appearance.

Can a villian on movie screen hurt or resist the screen? “The ego is resisting” is yet another thought, that’s part of the story. Your job is being very very good at ‘seeing’ thoughts for what they are, and not believing what they say.

Being connected and learning to distinguish direct experience from thought is crucial for this work.

The first trouble is creating a double ego – by saying “my ego”, one is creating a sense of me the ‘good ego’, and this the ‘bad ego’. So it’s better to just say I’m still resisting. I am the ego.

Any “you” that is experienced is not the real you, you are always the invisible perceiver that sees all, but not seen. Any idea of a perceiver is again the ego in disguise. It’s always taking a step back and pretending to be you, saying: “Look at that ego, he’s still resisting.” which is a form of self criticizing, that is done to keep the drama going, to deceive you from seeing the truth. (Drama in the mind is preventing stillness, which is necessary to see truth)

Fighting the ego, or trying to prove it’s not real is only perpetuating it. The story of ego and of ‘reality’, is a huge cloud blocking the sun, see through the story and you will see the sun.

Don’t look for anything extraordinary or mystical, the truth is not hidden, it’s right in front of you! You just don’t know what you are looking for. Just look, that’s it!

Do look for signs of being too sure, and thinking you know something. Your friends are confusion and not-knowing, embrace these emotions, and let go of the need to know anything. (It’s impossible anyway)

The second issue is “Still”, which implies time, and progress, which are just part of the ego’s little heroic (or tragic) story. Forget about progress. Even a mantra of: “I’m already here, I’ve arrived.” is good at the beginning just so you stop looking for the event in the ‘future’.

Good luck on your path fellow traveler,
Thank you for reading and being here.


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