Acceptance or Love

Acceptance is an aspect of love, it’s a subtle form of it. It’s hinted in the fact that applying acceptance brings peace and removes suffering.

From simple observation one could easily conclude that love and consciousness are somehow related, since conscious beings act in general more lovingly and compassionately. In many traditions god was referred to as loving, and love appears to have a healing power on us.

Our intuition senses that love is important, and therefore we talk about it a lot, write books, songs and films about it. Obviously this is not romantic love (although it is a partial manifestation of it), or the idea of perfect love, but a natural force that has an important role in reality.

It is the light that shines from god upon himself, the tool he uses to battle his dark side, the devil in him. It is the energy of life that gives balance to things and keeps equilibrium. Without it god wouldn’t be able to do much. Like a warrior without a sword.

If we lack love, we get sick, depressed and die soon. We are blessed with love all around us, and thus saved by god. He’s giving it to us constantly in hope that we might learn to recieve it one day.

So if love is godly it means, it has the same elusive nature, so everything I say is love, is not love. Love is the lover. It’s you.


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